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Pre Tryout Meeting Boys Basketball Information



“The main ingredient to stardom is the rest of the team”

--John Wooden


The players return to The Den this season with a chip on their shoulders and a burning desire to achieve, which the staff has fully embraced.  Our goals on the court this year is to win each day 1 practice/game at a time. We know that we have the talent at Battlefield to do it.

Our returning players embrace the philosophies and direction of this program and they have demonstrated it at every turn and performed admirably throughout this offseason.  The players have committed their time during the off season to improve their strength, conditioning, and basketball skillset. We will only accomplish that through continued hard work every day and complete commitment to this common goal.

Winning is an expectation and a motivation for Battlefield Basketball and new players who hope to join our program will need to adopt that mindset.  We have climbed through the ranks of the top tier teams in Virginia throughout the years, and we expect to continue in that rise for the foreseeable future. To continue to be successful we have to hold ourselves, but also, each other accountable for our actions each and every day.  The anticipation of what we can accomplish this season has us all excited to get started, but our goals will not be realized without the complete dedication of our players.  Championships are earned by the sacrifices we make throughout the season for the good of the team.  Our players have worked extremely hard…but the work is just beginning.   

The theme of our program is “Play Hard Have Fun” and we will expect this from our players day in and day out if welcomed into our program.  It is a privilege to play basketball at Battlefield, not a right, and we expect that you and your son will treat it as such.  We look forward to your support of Battlefield Basketball as we move into the 2019-2020 season.  GO BOBCATS!



Varsity Head Coach- Randy Bills                                                   

Varsity Assistant-Nick Nixon      

Varsity Assistant- Kamau Street

JV Head Coach- Mark Hines                                        

Freshman Head Coach- Kelly Cordle                       



ALL PHYSICAL FORMS AND CONCUSSION TRAINING MUST BE COMPLETED BY November 1st in order to tryout on November 12th.


OUR SEASON BEGINS Tuesday, NOVEMBER 12th.  Times for the first 3 days of practice will be:

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday : Varsity 2:30pm-4:00pm, Freshman/JV Combo 6:30pm-8:30pm. This could change due to Regional Volleyball. Cuts will be made Thursday November 14th.






Players who are selected for a team will receive a calendar with practice times for the entire season.



By rule, all players will receive a three day tryout, beginning Tuesday, November 12th.  First cuts will be made after practice on Thursday, Nov. 14th.  Please plan for your son to be done with practice a little late that day, especially at the freshman/JV level.  All personnel decisions will be communicated to the athletes face-to-face, in an individual meeting with the coach.  For freshmen and JV players, final cuts will be made no later than Friday, Nov. 15th.  The varsity team likely will complete roster selections on Nov. 14th


Please understand that there is not anything more difficult for a coach to do than to look a young man in the face and tell him that he is not going to make the basketball team.  Here at Battlefield we are fortunate enough to have a plethora of players. With that comes difficult decisions. We do our best to select the best players to build our TEAM.  There are a variety of roles on any successful basketball team, and we will select the players who best fill those roles.  Players will be selected for the team based on this rubric:



If you have a question about why your son did not make the team, please do not address this with the coach on the night cuts are made!  We will be happy to discuss your questions at a later date, and sometimes we may just have to agree to disagree.  Along those lines, please do not approach a coach after a game about anything pertaining specifically to your son.  That is neither the time nor the place to have those conversations.  


Basketball is the most difficult team to make in high school athletics, primarily due to numbers.  The freshman coach will do his best to see that each player receives some playing time in every game, though that time will not be divided equally.  This will not be the case on JV and varsity.  At those levels, players will earn playing time based on their performance in practice. Those who give us the best chance to win the game will receive the most playing time.  Regardless of minutes played, every member of our program plays an important role in our collective success.


Basketball season is a major time commitment!  The season extends through Thanksgiving and winter holiday breaks.  All three teams will practice during these breaks and players are expected to attend all practices. Freshman and JV teams will have a little more time off over school breaks, but only by a day or two.  Your son should not try out for basketball if he is not prepared to commit to this schedule!  The only acceptable excuses to miss practice are serious illness, family emergency, or college visits.  If your son is going to miss practice or be late for any reason, it is HIS RESPONSIBILITY to call/text his coach before practice begins!


We have a strict NO SKIING/SNOWBOARDING/SKATEBOARDING policy during basketball season. 


We expect that players play only basketball during basketball season.  We would never ask an athlete to play basketball while they are a member of another team here at school and so we expect the same in return.


Basketball is also a year-round commitment.  We understand and fully support athletes participating in more than one sport.  However, to accomplish the goals we have set for this program, we need players to lift weights, condition, attend summer/fall league games, go to team camp, work at our camp, play AAU, and attend camps in the offseason.  Teams are built during the season; players are built during the offseason!  Athletes playing more than one sport are asked to split time between their commitments in an equitable way.



All three teams will practice six days a week (Monday-Saturday).  Varsity practices will be held from 2:30-4:30pm Freshman and JV will practice together and they will between 6:00pm-9:00pm. Saturday practice times will either be 8:00am or 10:00am. Some practice will have to be right after school due to gymnastics, wrestling, or other events. Once your son makes a team you and your son will be asked to sign up for the remind service that I have used for off season workouts. It is an easy way for me to communicate with all if there are changes in the schedule.


Games are normally played throughout the week. Please check or your son’s schedule for game times. Players will travel to away games by bus and the JV and freshman teams will often travel together.  All Players and managers will ride the bus back to Battlefield where you can pick them up, unless there is an emergency.


On game days, all players will wear a shirt and tie, dress pants, and dress shoes to school and to the game that night.  Once spirit pack items arrive, there will be days that they will wear Battlefield Basketball apparel to school and to the game. 


At certain times during the season, teams will have the opportunity to do some extra activities together, eat occasional team meals, attend a college basketball game together, and any other ideas the players come up with. And for all three levels, if parents would like to organize them, we can also do team meals at player’s homes.








You cannot be a student athlete without being a student first!  We expect that players will maintain high levels of academic performance during basketball season and throughout the year.  Coaches will periodically check up on grades and email teachers to ensure proper progress is being maintained in the classroom.  Coaches will also make themselves available to teachers to help address any problems.  Basketball practices and games are not excuses for failing to complete assignments.  Players need to manage their time accordingly.  This may mean they have to spend less time on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, video games, and their cell phones.  Certain sacrifices need to be made during the season, but school and basketball should not be the things that are affected!  Sometimes doing work a day ahead, which is possible with block scheduling, is the best way to keep on top of things during the season.



As was mentioned previously, being part of our basketball family is a privilege.  This privilege can be taken away at any time if athletes do not conduct themselves accordingly.  Student athletes are held to a higher standard than others, as they represent themselves, their teammates, their coaches, their families, and their school.  A former coach once told me “someone is always watching”.  We ask that our players never forget that and conduct themselves in a manner that makes us all proud.


As you all know, one of the major issues that coaches and parents have to deal with is drug use and underage drinking.  The penalties for an athlete even attending a party where there are drugs and alcohol present have become very severe.  These penalties can be imposed regardless of whether your son was using these substances or not.  We expect that members of our basketball family will not put themselves into any situations that could lead to suspensions or consequences that are potentially far worse.  On weekends, players should be with their families, other members of the basketball team, and friends they can trust to make good decisions.  While we would never dictate specifically who your son can be friends with, the choices they make in that regard are very important.  Some people have a lot more to lose than others.  Please help encourage your son to make good decisions about with whom they spend their time.  If your son’s social agenda is more important to him than playing basketball, he should not try out.



If you are not already a member of the Athletic Booster Club, we strongly encourage you to join.  They do so much for our athletic teams and our school, but they need our support to continue to do those things, especially in these tough financial times.  Our goal is 100% membership from the basketball program!


We are very excited about the upcoming season and the opportunity to coach your sons.  We are all “basketball junkies” and will do whatever we can to help our teams have success.  We believe very strongly that in our program we all support each other.  We look forward to welcoming some of you into our basketball program in a few of weeks.



Play Hard and Have Fun!

Author: Randall Bills   E-Mail: